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Ready? Set… Run!

Our Guardians of Nature went to the dirtiest race of Estarreja.

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© João Simões

Autumn is finally here to present us with its wind of change and Guardians of Nature couldn’t miss this opportunity to take a deep breath of fresh air and do one of their favorite activities: Seed Bombs. The stage for this activity was BioRia, where there was one more edition of Europe’s biggest obstacles race, BioRace during last Saturday 24th September.

If obstacles were the main stars in this run, true it is that getting dirty was the least of them all for those who went there. In this thrilling morning mudd was a close friend to our hands! With the help of our runners there are now many seed bombs ready to fill the earth and maybe some vases with native flowers. The recipe is simple, clay, substrate and seeds. Then, you only need a team of the best artisans to mold the most sophisticated spheres and fill them with the best seeds. The result is so captivating that some let themselves be fooled and think that our seed bombs are little chocolates.

We’re sorry to disappoint the gluttonous ones yet, these “sweets” are for nature and we hope it is delighted with our mix. There was also time to give some room to creativity and our visitors decided to give some shape to imagination, building little and very diverse mudd sculptures. Guardians of Nature didn’t go running nevertheless, the challenge was fulfilled.

The “Guardiões da Natureza” is part of the project “Plantar o Futuro” by Agora Aveiro. It was supported by Câmara Municipal de Aveiro and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Liliana Macedo