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Night Quiz

Aveiro’s most fun and challenging Quiz is back for a new edition, full of questions and prizes for those who are hungry for knowledge.

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© João Simões

Another year, another edition of “Are You Brain Enough?”. A Quiz that, over the years, has distinguished itself by the originality of the questions, game mechanics and clues. It sought to promote the sharing of knowledge in a fun and dynamic way, but also a competitive spirit and conviviality. This year the winners of the Quiz were “Bebebio”, in 1st place, “Gambunizos Gandazos” in 2nd place and “404 Not Found” in 3rd place.

The 5th edition of this project took place at FNAC Aveiro, with five sessions between the 9th of November and the 7th of December. A total of 10 teams and about 50 participants gathered in the event. Animation was something not lacking in this edition, with two pairs of presenters, a lot of applause, prizes, songs and even a video summary produced by our friend, Mariana Vasconcelos:

This year, we maintained the previously explored dynamics. The sessions contained rounds of “open response”, “multiple choice”, “poker questions” and “sudden death” questions. “Poker questions” were for those who liked to take chances, giving participants the opportunity to win, lose or steal points from other teams. “Sudden death” was dedicated, once again, to Easter Eggs to test the attention of our participants.

All these questions were always well accompanied by clues. Our Quizmasters love to play with sounds, pictures, words, math and translations. So, even if the participants didn't know anything about the topic of the category, there was nothing to be afraid of! The clues helped to get there for those who knew how to think outside the box and, very important, work as a team!

A Quiz is nothing without prizes. But, as we are friendly, we offered prizes to (almost) all participants. We offered a ham (yes, you read that right, a ham), boxes of soft eggs, bottles of soda, sippy cups, hotel discount vouchers, croissants, gift cards, bottles of gin, meals in three restaurants in the city, soaps, tote-bags, sponge cakes from Ovar and, finally, tickets to a saline spa, to the Festival de Tunas de Aveiro, to GrETUA and even to an Escape Room. Whew, so many awards that it's even tiring to list them all.

But the biggest prize for us was, without a doubt, the feedback from the participants of the Quiz: “everything impeccable”, “relaxed atmosphere”, “great interactivity from the questions” and also “excellent organization, with its members dedicated to promoting an event of this nature in Aveiro”.

Are You Brain Enough” is part of the project  “Refresca a Tua Mente” (Refresh Your Mind) from Agora Aveiro. It was made in co-organization with FNAC Aveiro, and with partnership with  Why Not Soda, as “Main Partner”, Exceptional Gin as “Golden Partner” and with Revolta, La Grotta, Croissanteria Oita, Tuna Universitária de Aveiro, Alma de Alecrim, Marinha da Noeirinha, GrETUA, Solve and Escape, Guida - Pão de Ló de Ovar, Saladas+, Maria da Apresentação da Cruz and Beleza do Sal as “Silver Partners”. It also had Forum Aveiro as a “Partner” and the support of Aveiro’s City Hall, Programa Geração Z and the IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P..

Beatriz Meneses