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Suspended Coffees are now in Aveiro

“Café Suspenso” (suspended coffee) is the new project of Agora Aveiro! A project where small gestures transform into great achievements. Where something so simple as leave a paid coffee can change someone's day.

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How does it work? Go to a café and, instead of buying just one coffee, buy two or more; one for you to drink and another for someone who needs it. The seller delivers the first coffee, but the second, which is "suspended", comes in the shape of a coupon that is placed in the box of suspended coffees. Someone else can come at any time, and instead of paying for their coffee, can use the coupon to get the coffee that you left.

This action that promotes friendly acts, such as offering a coffee, was implemented by Agora Aveiro in, so far, six cafes.

  • Má Ideia;
  • Mercado;
  • Casa do Chá;
  • Pastelaria Sta. Joana;
  • Pastelaria Liceu;
  • A Mulata.

The set of places and establishments where the project is implemented is not close at all. If you want to associate your establishment and start having Suspended Coffee you can get in touch with Agora Aveiro.

The idea originally came from Italy, but in recent years became popular throughout Europe. This Agora Aveiro project is driven by the goodness of everyday life. It lives of the sense of belonging, emotional comfort and small smiles.

Great deeds begin with small gestures!


Agora Aveiro