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Balconies overlooking the forest

Green Friday is the project that transforms investments in local commerce in Aveiro into native trees.

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© Helder Berenguer

“This Black Friday, give the forest a discount!” was once again the motto for the 5th edition of Green Friday, which took place between the 25th and 30th of November 2022. This project seeks to combine support for local businesses with environmental awareness and the need for planned reforestation with native trees.

Aveiro woke up, in the middle of the Black Friday, during which there is a greater tendency towards excessive consumption in large surfaces. With small biodegradable vases with wheat, in various corners, with the aim of putting small businesses on the map and on the path of all those who passed by the streets. The appeal was simple: within a conscious and sustainable consumption, opt for local trade. In recent years, due to the impact of the pandemic, Green Friday has gained even more importance and, this year, with the rise in the cost of living, its relevance has intensified.

Thus, during the course of the action, each purchase of a value equal to or greater than 5 euros, in the 19 participating establishments, was converted into a native tree, planted, on the 6th of March, in the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of São Jacinto, in Aveiro. Alvarinho oak, strawberry tree and cork oak were the species that, for several months, were in the care of the students of the Rio Novo do Príncipe School Group, in Cacia, by whom they were returned to the land. They thus contributed to the recovery of the native forest, to the resilience against fires and to the conservation of biodiversity.

"Green Friday" is part of Agora Aveiro's "Plantar o Futuro" project. It was carried out in collaboration with the Câmara Municipal de Aveiro and the Agrupamento de Agrupamento de Escolas de Rio Novo do Príncipe de Cacia. It had Macro Makers as "Main Partner" , DreamMedia and Caetano Auto as "Golden Partners" and Casa Martelo e Sementes Vivas as "Silver Partners" It also had the support of the  Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Ana Cristina Rodrigues