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Creativity in the age of AI

At a time when the world is defining the limits of computer-assisted content creation, the "Creative Workshop" project tries to bring to the surface everyday creative processes and the fundamental role they play in the development of critical thinking.

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An article in the American magazine Forbes defines the generative capacity of powerful artificial intelligence algorithms as a "digital extension of the human capacity to create new concepts and ideas that, in turn, are likely to provoke an emotional reaction in an audience". But in today's context, where we are increasingly overwhelmed by new concerns, are we willing to take the time to work on our creativity? Are we in danger of being replaced by the convenience of computer-assisted content generation?

The literature is ambiguous. While on the one hand the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) highlights a sharp drop in the creativity among teenagers around the world, an alarming fact that could translate into the underdevelopment of socio-emotional skills that are fundamental to the future of society, on the other hand "Gen Z" is highlighted as "the most creative ever", based on the democratic power of digital platforms, which guarantee permanent access to artistic and cultural influences from all around the world.

In this context, to diagnose the "state of the art" of young people in our community, "Creative Workshop - Oficina Criativa", Agora Aveiro's project to promote creativity, has been organizing a series of monthly sessions with the motto "Allow yourself to be creative". In each session, one of the team members is invited to share a creative process from their daily lives, thereby inspiring their peers to value the role of creativity in their academic, social and professional lives. In a project without borders, where personal expression is encouraged, themes as diverse as "Cooking", "Dancing" or "Companionship" have been explored, contributing to important moments of individual and collective reflection.

Agora Aveiro volunteer Carolina Parreira says:

In a society where there's no time for everything, it's normal to think that we're neglecting creativity. However, we can be creative in different day-to-day activities such as cooking, listening to music, or even in the clothes we wear! The important thing is to look for creativity in everything we do and try to give some color to our lives.

Agora Aveiro volunteer Gabriela Ribeirete adds:

The systematization of the teaching system, which prioritizes the establishment of routines, can sometimes be an obstacle to the expression of thoughts and ideas. However, activities such as a simple cookie decorating experiment during the Cooking session ended up triggering a diversity of responses and results, just as a Dance session made it possible to create a scenario of internalization and new means of establishing connections between the participants. In a world where we are increasingly connected, but not always available, playing games together that appeal to our childhood conveyed a beautiful message about Companionship, demonstrating the power of unity and highlighting the fact that we are all here for the same purpose.

With these statements, we emphasize the message that we all have a creative potential within us, ready to be unleashed in dynamic and different ways. In this way, the "Oficina Criativa" aims to be a vehicle for facilitating these same intentions. So the question remains: what's next?

"Oficina Criativa" is a project organized by Agora Aveiro. It has the support of Câmara Municipal de Aveiro and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

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