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CSI Animal: What about the Wolf and the Shark?

A new perspective on a classic story and mediatic event about an accident that happened on a beach set the tone for reflecting on the importance of Biodiversity: are animals more afraid of us than we are of them?

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© Helder Berenguer

On October 28, at the invitation of Veolia, the Ecocentro Municipal de Aveiro hosted the second edition of CSI Animal. With the participation of Obra da Criança, from Ílhavo, and Cáritas, from Aveiro, the “Guardiões da Natureza” brought together a team of small (but effective) investigators to uncover mysteries related to Biodiversity.

Within the spooky atmosphere of the scariest day of the year, the “Guardiões da Natureza” proposed a question: "Are animals more afraid of us than we are of them?". With this, the participants took on the role of detectives and were committed to investigate the causes of the disappearance of two different animal species that, although scary, are in fact fundamental to the balance of natural ecosystems. Without ever being terrified, the participants solved the different puzzles with great enthusiasm, returning home with a renewed awareness of the problems affecting these and so many other animals in our biosphere.

For now, we feel that we have taken another step towards the awareness and encouragement of the participant’s interest on the impact of human activity on Biodiversity, but there is no guarantee that chaos will not return. As nothing is certain in this world, it is important to make the point that the “Guardiões da Natureza” will remain on the lookout for potential crimes, always counting on the help of our reliable and active young detectives.

The “Guardiões da Natureza” is part of the project "Plantar o Futuro" by Agora Aveiro. It was supported by the Câmara Municipal de Aveiro and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Gabriela Duarte