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To Love in Prose

To promote the reflection and expression of the many forms of love, Agora Aveiro created the project “Amar em Prosa”, an urban intervention that consisted in the construction of a wall personified of a love glossary.

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Love can be a transformative and unifying force in society, playing a crucial role in several aspects of our lives. Promoting empathy and understanding, through love, allows us to appreciate the perspectives and experiences of other people, stimulating interpersonal relationships.

For that reason, from the 12th to the 16th of February, Agora Aveiro invited the Aveiro hearts to immerse in an artistic experience, where love was told in prose, project  “Amar em Prosa”. This project consisted in the creation of a wall where poems about the different types of love were written: love for friends and family, self-love, and love of Aveiro. Each poem was a unique piece in the poetic puzzle that unfolded over a week. To stimulate creative writing on the wall, there were word cutouts extracted from newspapers and magazines, as well as blank sheets, that allowed additional freedom in the choice of words.

By incentivizing people to share their feelings, an understanding and conection atmosphere was created, strengthening effective bonds and promoting empathy. Art, in this context, wasn’t just a means of expression, but a universal language. Each line, each word, each thought contributed to a joined dialog about love, creating a narrative that was, at the same time, intimate and shared. Uniting the community through love in all of its nuances,  “Amar em Prosa” was an ode to human expression and to the beauty of diversity that makes each heart in Aveiro unique.

Amar em Prosa" is part of Agora Aveiro's "I Love Aveiro" project, in collaboration with Saladas+ and with the support of the Município de Aveiro and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P..

Maria João Pereira