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A Legacy Engraved in Femininity

The square of São Gonçalinho chapel witnessed the premiere of the short film “Histórias Cravadas” on the late afternoon of April 24, highlighting the impact of the Carnation Revolution on women’s rights and the feminist liberation movement.

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© Helder Berenguer, João Simões

“Histórias Cravadas” was born from the celebratory atmosphere surrounding the fiftieth anniversary of what was a milestone in Portuguese history. However, for women, this date was even more impactful. Before 1974, Portugal was marked by deep inequalities, where being born a woman meant playing secondary roles and being restricted by norms perpetuating submission and limiting opportunities. In fact, the dictatorial regime of the Estado Novo sustained a patriarchal society where the female voice was stifled and women’s civil rights were scarce. The Carnation Revolution not only toppled the authoritarian regime but also paved the way for freedom and equality. After April 25th, women gained fundamental rights, such as voting and employment without gender discrimination.

Curiosity about the impact of change on the lives of women in Aveiro inspired our volunteers, who interviewed 11 women with connections to the city. Footage of these interviews, captured at Antiqualha, was edited and compiled into a short film, premiering at dusk on April 24th. The Parish of Vera Cruz hosted an intergenerational gathering in the square of São Gonçalinho chapel, open to the entire community. The event also featured the presence of the interviewees, various entities, and some of our partners. It was a festive evening, followed by dinner with pork sandwiches and drinks, accompanied by good spirits, Portuguese music, singing and laughter.

Just as Ary dos Santos celebrates in the poem “The Doors That April Opened”: “Now that hope has bloomed in our land, the doors that April opened, no one will ever close again.”, “Histórias Cravadas” highlights the importance of the journey of women’s emancipation after April 25, 1974. However, this project also aims to emphasize the long road ahead towards achieving true equality of opportunities and gender equity.

In addition to the gathering, the project includes a photographic exhibition soon to be available at the Museum of Santa Joana in Aveiro, and the production of a booklet containing extended versions of the collected stories. It also involves a “Living Library” activity at the Aveiro Vocational School, where two of the women will firsthand narrate their life stories.

“Histórias Cravadas” is organized as part of the “Refresh Your Mind” project. It has Plate - Estúdio Fotográfico, Moldura Minuto and Floricolor as Golden Partners. As Silver Partners, it includes Antiqualha, Caetano Auto and Associação Académica da Universidade de Aveiro. It is carried out in partnership with the Museu de Aveiro, Monteiro Carnes, Florinhas do Vouga, Paróquia da Vera Cruz and Escola Profissional de Aveiro. It is also supported by the Município de Aveiro and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P..

Ana Cristina Rodrigues