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Sowing Hope: A Journey Beyond the PlantA(C)TION!

Little by little the green of hope reaches our eyes. In the blink of an eye, we concluded the 5th edition of “Plantar o Futuro” with the planting of more than 600 trees by around 50 participants.

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© Helder Berenguer

On March 9th and April 6th, we brought together dedicated hands for a noble purpose: planting the seeds of the future. In this scenario of union with nature, we joined all our forces to sow hope and give life to a timeless green legacy.

Thanks to the academic community and project partners, 616 native trees were planted: oaks, laurels, strawberry trees, and cork oaks, species from this edition of the project, along with tamarisk, alder, and hawthorn trees. The chosen location was the Cabrão River, in the Union of Parishes of Canelas and Fermelã, in the Municipality of Estarreja. This year the weather conditions were not on our side, forcing several postponements and changes to initial plans. But despite this, we didn't give up and, thanks to a courageous team of around 50 participants, we rolled up our sleeves and took up hoes, shovels, and pickaxes to turn words into action!

This year's edition of Plantar o Futuro took us along a winding path, along the Cabrão River, a small oasis of biodiversity, among eucalyptus plantations, which is important to preserve. This is an opportunity to learn about the biodiversity that lives in our region and to understand the impact that planting one tree, when multiplied by many, can have on ecosystems.

Although in past editions the afternoons were filled with interpretative visits and actions to control invasive plants, this year, due to the weather, we changed our plans and, thanks to the team from the Municipality of Estarreja, we took a guided tour of an old mill. Although mills have become obsolete they have played a vital role throughout human history. Symbols of ingenuity and adaptation to the environment that surrounds us, but also evidence of our ability to live in tune with nature, something that needs to be recovered.

Plantar o Futuro is an annual project, but the participation and enthusiasm demonstrated by the participants show the growing awareness of the importance of preserving nature. We believe that by planting a tree today, we are reaping the fruits of a healthy planet tomorrow. However, there is still much to be done to combat the devastating effects of deforestation, as these actions represent just a small drop in the ocean.

Plantar o Futuro is organized by Agora Aveiro in collaboration with the  University of Aveiro and the Municipality of Estarreja. It has Glicínias Plaza as “Main Partner”, RODI IndustriesMacroMakers and Caetano Auto as “Golden Partners” and SIRO - Substratos ProfissionalsCasa Martelo  and  Cesta Cheia as “Silver Partners”. It is carried out in partnership with the Comissão de Faina de Biologia, the Department of Biology of the University of Aveiro, the Biology Students AssociationFaina Académica and Exodus Aveiro Fest. It also has the support of the Municipality of Aveiro, the "Voluntariado Jovem para a Natureza e Florestas" Program and the Portuguese Institute for Sports and Youth - IPD, I.P..

Gabriela Duarte