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Exploring nature together: A special day between mothers and children

In celebration of Mother’s Day, the Guardians of Nature visited IPSS Florinhas do Vouga to lead mothers and children in a series of thoughtfully crafted activities aimed at igniting curiosity and fostering a deep appreciation for nature.

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© Gabriela Duarte

In a late afternoon filled with smiles and learning, the premises of IPSS Florinhas do Vouga came alive with the presence of 50 children from the kindergarten and pre-school, accompanied by their mothers. This special gathering, arranged following the celebration of Mother's Day, embarked on an enchanting journey of discovery in nature.

The event commenced with the transplanting of strawberry plants into the established “Nature Guardians' Vegetable Garden”, followed by the germinated beans from the “Germination Workshop” activity conducted in March to commemorate the International Day of Forests. This symbolic gesture not only engaged the children in the food cultivation process but also underscored the significance of urban agriculture and local food production. Moreover, it provided a unique opportunity for mothers and children to bond while working together towards a common goal: care for the environment.

To conclude this educational odyssey, participants revisited the germination activity, reinforcing their acquired knowledge and emphasizing the importance of perseverance and nurturing in the journey of plant growth. With nimble hands and hearts brimming with enthusiasm, each participant planted a small bean, serving as a gentle reminder that, like plants, our endeavors require time, dedication, and care to flourish.

With an unwavering dedication to promoting sustainability and reverence for nature, the Guardians of Nature persist in leading the way toward a greener, more harmonious future.

The “Guardiões da Natureza” is part of Agora Aveiro’s project “Plantar o Futuro”. It has the support of Câmara Municipal de Aveiro and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P..

Inês Nunes