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Spring brings with it a new EVS volunteer!

In line with the SVE project "SPRING: Skills, Practices & Results for Inclusive Never-ending Growth", our new volunteer, Tibor from Serbia, arrived to Aveiro this March and is ready to make the change happen.

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For four months, Tibor will collaborate mostly in our TEDxAveiro conference, designing content, making videos and helping in whatever is needed. However, he joined us in other regular Aveiro activities, such as Language Exchange Meetings, Café Suspenso, and much more.

This is not Tibor's first EVS. For having already participated in the short-term version, he already has experience in this project. When asked if he would recommend the EVS project to his friends, he replied:

Well, I'm doing it for the second time, so I definitely liked it! It's a pity I don’t stay for longer, but four months is, in the same time, enough time to get to know the local community, make friends, learn many things and, of course, travel in Portugal! I'm really enjoying living in a city that is completely different from where I come from. I especially like the nature around it: the Ria of Aveiro, the Atlantic Ocean and the forests. Here I can do sports that I have never done before, like surfing, stand up paddle, etc. In relation to work, I think this EVS is a great opportunity for young people to realize what they would like to do in their professional lives. Here I can continue to work on new challenges in my area of work, such as exploring new programs, learning new skills that may later be useful to me when looking for a job. In addition, it is not as rigorous as "serious" work, so we have more freedom to be creative. So of course I recommend the EVS project to my friends, but they should plan it carefully because the project should make sense for their personal and professional growth. It should not only be an escape from everyday life, the city where they live or their parents.

Be welcome, Tibor. Hope you like it!

Agora Aveiro