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Hugs without borders

Many of you hugged us and let us embrace you, leaving our hearts melted

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On September 27, the Free Hugs Squad walked a little bit everywhere! We began by visiting the "UA without Borders", which was taking place at Cais da Fonte Nova. We found a spectacular setting, very lively and fun people, and a lot of willingness for a little hug with great significance. Many of you hugged us and let us embrace you leaving our hearts melted. The power of our embraces was such that two boys picked up two posters of ours and they were also distribute the love they had!

When we felt that our arms had already heated up the area, we began to walk towards the Rossio Garden. Always going next to the ria where a "pilot" of a moliceiro promised us a hug, and passing near the Forum. We found grandchildren, grandparents, tourists and locals, people and dogs, and none of them passed us without a sticker and a hug (or at least a try!). On our way, we went to the quay of the Moliceiros to collect the hug that was promised. We never saw such a big smile when we paid off!

Finally, we went to the University of Aveiro, where we saw "praxes". Knowing how hard the praxis can be, we approach with caution, wielding our faithful posters with all the courage. But before we could do anything, we were surrounded by groups and groups of  "freshmen", who embraced us from all sides. After that, we had to embrace the costumes that, although they made a bad face when trying to impose respect on the younger ones, hugged us, drawing a smile behind a smile.

At the end, with our arms aching but with full heart, we returned to our headquarters where we promised more days like this. So keep your eyes open. When they least expect it, Aveiro can be attacked again by our Free Hugs Squad!

Agora Aveiro