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Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

Two of our volunteers, Alexandra and Sónia, participated in the "Entrepreneurs!" course that took place last month in Romania. On Monday they were in Agora Aveiro to share with us what they learned.

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"Entrepreneurs!" is a mobility project for young people and people working with young people, under the Erasmus + Program of the European Union. Through this project, several opportunities arose for Agora Aveiro volunteers: Diogo and Bruno went to the Netherlands to attend a personal development course, Valda and Claudia visited several institutions in Brussels and Sónia and Alexandra went to Lasi where they were received by Synergy Romania for a course. In this course they learned about trends, methods and good practices in starting a social enterprise. This project runs between September and December of 2015.

By applying for this project, the aim of Agora Aveiro was to create opportunities for volunteers to acquire skills, experience and knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship so that we could apply them in our own organization. More important was to share these new skills  with young people who live in Aveiro and our volunteers. After acquiring these skills, we would like to encourage volunteers, youth and people that work with young people in Aveiro to achieve their goals, to see the entrepreneurship as a way to create their own workplace. We also hope this shared knowledge will encourage them to organize similar local activities that develop creativity, entrepreneurship, social and digital skills, as well as carry out youth exchange projects for skill sharing.

Our partners in this project were ReCreativity from Hungary,  The Out of the Box International from Brussels, Olde Vechte Foundation from the Netherlands and Synergy Romania.

Agora Aveiro