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A hug and a challenge

Our posters of Free Hugs had stood still for too long. Getting into the fashion of spring cleaning, we cleaned out all the dust they had collected and set eyes on the streets of Aveiro.

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Spring has come! Season of flowers, bird songs, longer days and colorful landscapes.

By itself, a hug is great, but we wanted to do something more. To help shake off some of the inertia that goes along with  the cold winter months, and to start this spring in the best possible way, we have created some challenges for the people of Aveiro. When was the last time you talked to that childhood friend you have not seen for some time? Did you hug someone important to you? Did you say something kind to someone just to make your day better? Did you say something nice to yourself?

With each hug, we offered a colorful origami with a challenge. A little extra motivation to start reading the book that has been waiting on the shelf, to apologize to someone who has been hurt or share a song with a friend. Small things, "Random Acts of Kindness," to encourage people to welcome spring with a smile on their faces and share a little happiness with others.

Marisa Ferreira, one of our most recent volunteers, did not want to miss this activity and even wanted to share her testimony:

"It was the first time I participated in an edition of" Free Hugs ", it was an incredible experience and I never thought to end the activity with such happiness. When we hugged the elderly people we came across, I was moved, because one lady said to me, "I accept a hug that I have not received one for 40 years." Of course I gave her more than one and see the smile of her and of all those I embraced, made the activity very worthwhile, making me want to repeat it. I can not wait for a new edition! "

This project was a different experience for many of our volunteers. They had the opportunity to embrace those who most need a hug, but are often forgotten.

Agora Aveiro