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Little Guardians of Nature

During May, you could find us, together with the Nucleus of Biology Students, working side-by-side with children from 7 to 9 years of age to produce as many seeds bombs as possible

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We are committed to preserving the future of our planet. Last year, we became Nature Guardians and decided to receive under our tutelage some apprentices. We spent the day making seed bombs with the 3rd and 4th grade students at the Centro Escolar de Santiago, teaching them more about nature and what we can do to ensure its preservation. It was such a success with both the children and our volunteers that we decided to expand it to other schools. And that is exactly what we did in the Barrocas Elementary School, the Glória Elementary School and the Vera-Cruz Elementary School.

During May, they could find us working side-by-side with children from 7 to 9 years of age to produce as many seed bombs as possible. The Nucleus of Biology Students was a fantastic partner. Some of his co-workers became Guardians and helped ensure that everyone learned as much as possible while having fun. We are already thinking about expanding to more schools in the region!

Aveiro has had some difficult years when it comes to forest fires, but now there are hundreds of seed bombs ready to be launched and reconquer as many abandoned and destroyed fields as possible. Step by step, one school at a time, let's rebuild part of what was lost and create a better and greener future. The children are doing their part. And you are?

All this was possible because we joined the “Sementes de Portugal” and Argex who gave us the seeds and the clay to make our seed bombs. Sementes de Portugal is dedicated to promoting and recognizing the importance of our flora, as well as encouraging people to participate in these processes. Argex is one of the largest group of structural ceramics in Portugal, which has been expanding its business for decades. Between searching for the most appropriate clays and employing the latest technology to ensure ever-increasing quality standards for their products, they have been able to find the time to help us. We are very grateful to both of you. Of course we could not forget the IPDJ - Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, I.P. and the City Hall of Aveiro.

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