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  • Inclusion and Social Awareness

Grandparents, grandchildren and many affections

July 26 is celebrated Grandparents Day and of course Agora Aveiro couldn´t let this date pass by!

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As a way to celebrate "Grandparents Day" we decided to make a book with those recipes that warm the hearts of the grandchildren and that only the grandparents know how to do. For this we asked for help of grandparents and grandchildren of Aveiro, who promptly made themselves available to write the cookbook that we share here. The concept was simple: the grandparents wrote their grandchildren's favorite recipes and, to whet their appetite, the little ones illustrated them. This is how the most delightful project of Agora Aveiro, Grandparents, Grandchildren and Many Affections arise.

Link to see the book:

Because we like challenges and felt that a cookbook was not enough to demonstrate the importance of the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, we invited some kids and adults to make the recipes they wrote and illustrated for the book. The result is a video full of ripped smiles when cooking, and even bigger when it comes to taste the prepared dishes, showing that cooking is a great motto for bringing grandparents and grandchildren together! Before they even equipped themselves with aprons and cook hats to get their hands on, we took advantage of it and asked a few questions about their relationship. If there were still doubts, the unanimous response, sometimes more timid, sometimes more dispatch, makes it clear that at home all the grandchildren help the grandparents in the kitchen. The older ones, for their part, recall with affection their grandparents and the moments they spent together. And when asked about what it is to be a grandfather, we heard more than once that "Being a grandfather is being a second parent, but with more experience and more time".

Grandparents, Grandchildren and Many Affections is part of the "Inclusion and Social Awareness" area and is part of the most recent edition of the Meeting of Generations project, which aims to highlight the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences between generations, also sensitizing the difference of realities between them. The cookbook and video are the materialization of this meeting of generations.

This action was held in with the support of Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro, Branco no Prato,, Núcleo de Cinema e Fotografia – AAUAv and HB Photography. It also counted with the delicious support of  BioBom – Lojas Alimentares,  IPDJ - Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, I.P. and City Hall of Aveiro.

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