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What is the European Voluntary Service?

We were in Casa da Juventude, in Aveiro, to explain what is “European Voluntary Service”.

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Jasna, Tanja, Wiola and Tea, our volunteers from  European Voluntary Service (EVS), were talking about their experience and work in Agora Aveiro at a presentation in Casa da Juventude, in Aveiro. We distributed our brochures on EVS to encourage those present to think of this as an opportunity for  personal growth. Our friend Carla, who did EVS in Finland, joined in on our conversation and shared her stories and adventures with us. According to Carla:

This type of volunteering is an excellent opportunity for growth, personally and professionally. Volunteers live far from their homes, develop numerous skills, acquire new capacities, meet new people and make new friends. In addition, they practice English and learn other languages.

In their EVSs, volunteers have paid accommodation and receive money for food and expenses ("pocket-money"). In addition, the flight trips are also paid back. Each volunteer also has health insurance that covers 100% of their medical expenses, as well as classes in the language of the host country, if applicable.

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