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Agora Aveiro wrote the Story of Tomorrow

Refreshing Aveiro with one more edition of TEDxAveiro

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

© Helder Berenguer, João Simões

On its 10th edition, we challenged our spectators to create the next chapter of the Story of Tomorrow -because it is invented, staged, painted, drawn, programmed, investigated, photographed, discovered, altered, manipulated and, above all, shared and written in your own blue.

On the 25th of May at the Centro Cultural e de Congressos, we had activists, designers, investigators, artists, athletes, maestros and other so storytellers whose stories deserve to be shared, upon the stage. But, after all, how will our Story of Tomorrow be? Shall it be comfortable blue - predictable and boring, thoroughly adapted to our profile, the sceneries printed in detail, the characters in opinion bubbles, or even electric blue - disconcerting, unsettling, but capable to be rewritten by conscient characters, on sustainable sceneries where nothing lives forever, but it can also be almost blue - nostalgic and powerless, a collection of eyes, kisses, plans, orbits and planes that are by far past, maladjusted to the present time, but we may as well welcome an embryonic blue - confused and unstable while looking for stimuli, information and other universe’s characters, the innards in a crossroads of opinions and possibilities of blue.

In some other shades of blue, those more refreshing and comfortable, it was palpable the cheerful presence of Agora Aveiro’s volunteers, painting the coffee breaks not with a poetic blue, but with a loving red, the one which warms the heart. We dared the most bold to write their Story of Tomorrow on our red book, energetic red. In this book, initially white and pale, a new Story was born, colourful with a varied palette. Here was born the most important Tomorrow - people’s Tomorrow. “Now I am, but tomorrow I will be” this was the motto of reflexion for this challenge. To this whole activity we also added a nice scent of homemade cookies. Well, afterall, the Tomorrow even though challenging, needs to be raised with love.

On that day, not only our colours flew high, but also the colours of all our partners. They helped colouring TEDxAveiro, its experience, it’s diversity and its dynamism are what feed our shiny colours.

And so we ended our day conscient that it was not Agora Aveiro who wrote the Story of Tomorrow, it was Aveiro. Happier? Impossible, because we know that Aveiro is capable; Aveiro’s our home.

Jéssica Jacinto