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Do you want to travel cheap?

Our volunteer Wiola, blogger and traveler, wanted to share her tips and ideas through a creative and fun conversation. We were greeted at Trilhos da Terra for a slightly different night.

Estimated reading time: 48 seconds

Are you afraid of not having money, ideas or time to travel?”, was Wiola's first question to the 60 onlookers who were in Trilhos da Terra. Then she showed us 25 photos to inspire us to travel economically. Wiola spoke above all about her hitchhiking, couchsurfing and blogging experiences. She spoke about the time spent in some schools in Brazil, Turkey, Denmark, highlighting how important it is to know the people and not just the tourist attractions. Among other useful platforms that could make travel cheaper and even more fun, she introduced us to Couchsurfing, a famous hospitality exchange network, talked about Bla Bla car, working in organic farms through WWOOF and housesitting (taking care of houses in the absence of their owners). In the end, Wiola spoke of EVS as a way of working and experiencing life in a foreign country.

The entire presentation can be viewed on SlideShare. You can follow the adventures of our volunteer Wiola on her blog.

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