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It's time to be a hero

Agora Aveiro attended the international formation “Human Rights Education Opportunity - HERO” in Croatia

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This summer, Agora Aveiro was represented with 2 of its members on an international Erasmus+ training course that happened in Karlovac, Croatia, and was organized by Carpe Diem association.

The training course “HERO - Human Rights Education Opportunity” has as its objective the empowerment of youth workers when it comes to the topics of human rights. There were 30 participants from 15 different countries, all over Europe who joined the project and who will bring back to their local communities and organizations new tools, strategies and project ideas to implement.

The group worked on raising awareness of human rights issues in professional and everyday life and contribute to their protection and the participants exchanged good practices in human rights youth work and solving human rights issues within youth work framework.

This project was free of charge for all of its participants as it was granted by Erasmus+ program. Similar opportunities are available to the young people from Aveiro through Agora Aveiro. See our Erasmus+ section for more information. 

Nataša Gološin