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Dogs! Dogs everywhere!

September 28th was the day to take our puppy friends on a different walk.

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© Beatriz Ribeiro, Filipa Vieira, Helder Berenguer

We combined AFECTU's needs with our problem of remaining still and went to Aveiro's parks to spread the puppyness! Adding it all up, we have as a result what was the first, of surely many, edition of our "Cãominhada".

Besides the socializing, and many cuddles, there were also agility trials, friendliness and cuteness. Not furgetting a small demonstration of the woof being carried out by Associação Portuguesa de Mantrailing e Canicrossing.

Thanks to the solidarity and companionship of our participants, we were able to raise about 75kg of food (Bon A-pet-treat!), blankets and cleaning products for AFECTU's animals. It was a small contribution to build a better world. Next year there'll be more!

You can check the rest of the photos here!

Fur-tunately, this dog walk was carried out with help from Núcleo de Estudantes de Biologia - AAUAV and Núcleo de Cinema e Fotografia. It was sponsored by Amity Portugal, Dirty Dog, Trixie Portugal, Patudos com pinta, and ConectaCão. It was also supported by Aveiro’s City Hall and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P.

Liliana Macedo