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  • Erasmus+

Five young people represent Agora Aveiro in Croatia

They will participate in the course "Entrepreneurship School for Youth Workers - empowering for combating unemployment of youth in local communities"

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Thanks to the Erasmus + Program and the successful partnership with the Croatian Forum for Freedom, Hugo, Susana, Patrícia, Alexandra and Margarida will represent Agora Aveiro in this international project. This course, to be held on Krk Island, Croatia, in September, will last 8 days and will bring together 25 young people from four European countries - Croatia, Greece, Portugal and Ireland - who work with other young people in their countries of origin.

Throughout the course, participants will develop skills in areas related to entrepreneurship, teamwork, communication and self-employment, which will be applied in the work to be developed with young people and in their own organizations.

The course will include the addition of a range of knowledge and skills that will help the participants to transmit their experience to other young people, enabling them to become agents of change in their communities.

The specific objectives of this program are to provide participants with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, techniques and tools that will help them in the work they will develop, encouraging other young people to put their ideas into practice.

Agora Aveiro