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Happiness is a symbol

We created a box capable of keeping joy

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What is happiness? We don’t believe in right answers to this. Happiness comes in the most diverse shapes, sounds, sizes, colors. Happiness is everything you want it to be. We wanted to discover its aspect, make the abstract a little bit more touchable…. Well it ended up with us creating a high tech mechanism which makes it possible for us to see happiness and its shapes (and believe me, they’re sexy!).

Now, what do we need? Headquarters, humans used to sleep deprivement, brushes, ink. Yup, check we have it all! What else? (Not Nespresso) Hammer, wood, carpenter material and hands! Those can’t be lacking!

The first home of our box of joy was Casa Martelo, where it helped celebrating their birthday, after all they made this possible. But happiness, or so they say, roams through the streets. It never enjoyed to be quiet, it’s too free for such thing!

Who knows where is it going next? Keep your eyes open, share your happiness with us! Our box is waiting for you! Are you going to leave it empty?

This project was supported by Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude (IPDJ) and Casa Martelo.

Liliana Macedo