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Green Friday is back!

Once again, a “Green Friday” edition took place in Aveiro, along with the local businesses, to promote a more sustainable future

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© Helder Berenguer, João Simões

From the 28th of November to the 1st of December, the people of Aveiro were challenged to take part in another “Green Friday” edition, with the participation of 26 local stores of Aveiro.

During those days, 5 or more euros spent are converted into one native tree that will be planted at the Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto. As a gift, each buyer was offered a recycled and reusable bag allusive to the project as a symbol of their support in the reforestation of Portugal.

This year we had a partnership with CORDA, an association that stimulates and develops the local, social, cultural and economic commerce and services of Aveiro’s historic neighbourhood, which established the first contact with the participating stores. Native trees of various species were seeded by the students of Agrupamento de Escolas de Rio Novo do Príncipe de Cacia and will be planted during January. As an outcome of this event, 766 trees will be planted, adding to another 846, which will help with the reforestation of the native forest at that particular area of Aveiro!

Promoting this action on “Black Friday’s” weekend aims to convert overstrained and unconscious consumerism into environmental awareness and sustainable consumption, supporting local commerce as an alternative to large stores. 

This action is a part of the project “Plantar o Futuro”, jointly organized by Agrupamento de Escolas de Rio Novo do Príncipe - Cacia, CORDA and the Município de Aveiro. It's sponsored by EcoMobile Rent a Car and has the support of IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P., and Programa Voluntariado Jovem para a Natureza e Florestas.

Ana Rodrigues