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Are You Brain Enough?

After last year’s success, Are You Brain Enough? came back for a third edition!

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© João Simões

Are You Brain Enough? was created by international volunteers who did their volunteering service in Agora Aveiro in 2017. It’s a general knowledge quiz, thus being a project that falls into the “Culture, Art and Creativity” intervention area.

In 2019, a team of more than 10 volunteers came together and organized a set of 5 sessions, held on November 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th, and December 5th, at Avenida Café-Concerto. The purpose of this event is quite simple – to offer its contestants 25 rounds of questions, with the most diverse themes, such as Aveirense Culture, Music, European Gastronomy, Video Games and Ancient History. As varied as the categories, were the prizes. From free meals at places like Woody’s, Doutores e Engenheiros and Grão de Café, and ovos moles from Maria da Apresentação da Cruz, Herds., to discount vouchers and offers at Solário D’Aveiro, Ror de Livros and Solve & Escape, there were prizes for all tastes! In addition to these sponsorships, Agora Aveiro also had the support of IPDJ and Câmara Municipal de Aveiro.

We believe we should always improve what is already good, which is why in this edition of the quiz we decided to innovate! Each team now had a button, which gave them the chance to answer a question of each open answer round, if they were the first press it. We also added a “sudden death” round, consisting of a single question. The fastest teams to press their buttons would have the chance to answer it, with penalties on their scores if they got it wrong.

The goal of Are You Brain Enough?, beyond providing different nights to its volunteers and contestants, is also to promote a friendly social space and healthy competition. Through sound clues, videos and pictures, we encourage teamwork and reasoning skills. Those who didn’t leave the quiz with prizes have certainly increased their knowledge in several different areas and made new friendships.

We will definitely be back for a fourth edition, and we hope to once again see a full room!

Susana Gomes