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Natal de Palmo e Meio

From broken doors to forgotten presents, to our little ones nothing escapes them!

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© Helder Berenguer

“Natal de Palmo e Meio”, inserted in the project “Encontro de Gerações” consisted in the production of a short film of four and a half minutes, in which three very loving children, Miguel, Simão and Salomé, answered to questions about Christmas, their habits and traditions. There was still time for a lot of speculation about Santa Claus and his work.

For the making of the video, we spent November 9th in the studio Trilhos da Terra. We occupied the morning with interactive games to create a bond with the children so that they would be more relaxed for when, in the afternoon, we recorded their unique testimonies.

Throughout the day, we decorated a Christmas Tree, unwrapped presents, ate sweets and shared many laughs.

Our cheeky little ones were a success at the interviews. We sang creative Christmas songs, different from the ones we’re used to hear on the streets or playlists, we learned new possibilities of how Santa Claus comes in our houses and leaves the presents underneath our Christmas trees but, in the end, what makes the difference in a good Christmas it’s having the family ALL reunited. 

And, after many hours of sweating and tears in front of the computer, it was born, on December 23rd, our so expected video, to fill everyone’s heart with a lot of cuteness!

This project made the Christmas spirit grow earlier within these team, it warmed our hearts for its happy atmosphere, well-being, good humor, lots of fun and innocence. Merry Christmas to everyone and be on the lookout, because Agora Aveiro is always ready to surprise you, at any the time of the year!


"Natal de Palmo e Meio" is part of the project "Encontro de Gerações" by Agora Aveiro. It was made in partnership with Trilhos da Terra, Pedro Cerqueira and Florinhas Do Vouga, and had the support of IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P..

Beatriz Meneses