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Power Up!

The Free Hugs Power Rangers have ambushed the campus, not only with hugs but with plenty of surprises up their sleeve!

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© João Simões

The always short holidays are over, and the notebooks have jumped off the shelf to start a new semester. It's still cold, and it's still raining, but we have to get back on track. We think some energizing calories and some cozy hugs might help.

With this in mind, on February 13th, the Free Hugs Power Rangers came out of their lair really early to spread the energy we all need. Many hugs, many chocolates and many vouchers with ideas for a fun Valentine's Day.

Our team swept the UA campus from one end to the other, capturing the shy ones in a gripping hug and running to the most energetic ones for several group hugs. And, of course, nobody left without taking one of our milk chocolates or dark chocolates from Regina!

Of course, with Valentine's Day just ahead, we couldn't help but do something special for that day. So not only did we gifted chocolates and hugs but also vouchers to give to someone special! From dinners, movie nights and games, to crazy adventures in between the sheets... We hope these little vouchers end up kickstarting many good moments.

But let's be honest, after a morning full of hugs and chocolates, our Power Rangers also need to recharge their batteries. They returned to their lair, happy, knowing that they have positively impacted the many people they had the pleasure of meeting and hugging.

Be ready, you never know when this team will strike again!

This project was supported by Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude (IPDJ).

Nuno Brízida