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  • Inclusion and Social Awareness

Let's celebrate Mental Health Day

Agora Aveiro challenges you to write a letter to yourself. Join us in helping demystify mental illness.

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Like last year, Agora Aveiro is preparing an activity for this important day that is celebrated all over the world. This time we want to write a love letter to ourselves and we invite you to do the same! It will happen on October 10 at the Fórum Aveiro. You just need to show up and bring a positive attitude.

Why are we doing this? To promote the importance of dignity in mental health. Did you know that approximately 1 in 4 people worldwide suffer from mental illness? And that by talking and learning more about mental health, you can help millions of people around the world? This is the message behind this year’s "Mental Health Awareness Week" which runs from October 5 to 11, and on which World Mental Health Day is integrated.

Together we can ensure that these problems are better understood and, above all, that they are not a source of shame!

Agora Aveiro