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Sara's EVS

It seems like yesterday I was waving my parents goodbye, while the escalator at the Lisbon airport took me to what would be two months in the unknown.

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I was leaving for a new country, a new adventure, new people and cultures, new places and ways of seeing life and living it. I was leaving for Slovenia, more specifically for Poljče, Begunje na Gorenjskem. I remember very well what I felt at the beginning. I was afraid of what was to come, but a lot of adrenaline and a boost of courage and determination.

When I arrived at Ljubljana airport, I met a smiling boy with a paper with my name on it. I went to him, thrilled to get to that place full of green mountains and fresh air as the background, and was greeted with a hug.

The two months that followed were one of the most important and defining periods for who I am today. I learned a lot in this project that I joined, not only from the moments of work but mainly from the moments of socialization with the people from the most varied countries with whom I formed a family in the sweet Village Čira Čara that was in our care during that summer. We formed a small and strong family, that like all of them had their moments of differences (we were 6 different cultures!), but always of great growth, support, joy and love. I made friends for life and learned a lot about communication, education, culture, art, fieldwork, animals, humanity and dreams. Together we have dreamed many things, together we have made many dreams real.

On the plane back to Portugal, I cried from beginning to end because I didn't want that experience to end. I bring it with me, as well as the new friends I keep in touch with, as members of my family who live in another country.

My advice to everyone who has this opportunity: take it and go. And when you get there and climb the first mountain with your colleagues, you will "feel the meaning" of it all :)

A huge thank you to everyone who makes these experiences possible!

With love,


Agora Aveiro