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We love Aveiro

We came to give Aveiro more colour!

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© Pedro Cerqueira

The days pass like seconds, and years like days, time doesn’t stop. And people don’t either. The pavement wears out, the colours fade, but the thought of each step taken persists. The stories of our city come alive in its people. And the memory of these stories awakens and calls to us in each street, nook or stairway.

This Friday, June 19th, Agora Aveiro’s volunteers returned to breathe new life into the colours that had already faded. More than love for the city, the message of the I Love Aveiro stairway thoroughly passes on the sense of community lived in Aveiro. It’s born out of the will to give voice to the locals and life to the streets of the city, which is created from the stories of each who passes through.

Many hours of work, a lot of painter’s tape and a couple of spray cans were the ingredients to revive this emblematic symbol of the city, that proves that art doesn’t belong solely to galleries and museums. We are sure that many photos have been taken here, and now, with this fresh face, we believe many more are to come.

However, more than awakening a mark of the city, we woke Aveiro. Woke it for the times of change coming. Woke it to new memories and new stories yet to be created, to start a new chapter. It was the awakening of the heartbeat of this city where we live and work that we recover and care for. The recalling of the reasons that make us love Aveiro.

I Love Aveiro. And you?


Nuno Brízida