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Taking P-Art

On September 13th, our volunteers dep-(Art)-ed in search of tools to fight gender inequality through the Youth Exchange programme “Taking P-Art. Art as a tool for Gender Equality” in Gijón.

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© Diana Lopes

To finish this summer in style, Agora Aveiro sent five young people to Gijón, Asturias, where the Youth Exchange “Taking P-Art” took place, organized by the Association Mar Violeta.

The main goal of this Youth Exchange was the fight against gender inequality through art. Besides the five associates, the Youth Exchange also counted with the presence of three Spanish volunteers and five Italian volunteers!

During seven days, the participants were able to highlight the female representation throughout time, give life to their thoughts by transposing them from mind to paper and clay, explore Avilés and Oviedo knowing their main tourist attractions, and even absorb a little about the culture of each country.

In the end, all the participants worked together to develop a Lipdub that would convey the coldness and cruelty of this stigma that affects the entire world.

Here are some of the testimonies of the Portuguese team:

Testimony of Cátia Domingues:

“This experience was completely new to me and interesting on so many levels. From the challenge of making this trip and all the activities in this “new normality” that we all live in due to COVID-19; going through the experience of living for a week with total strangers, most of them from other countries and, therefore, with another language; and still working on the theme of Gender Inequality and realize how this is still so present and, at the same time, latent in the middle of 2020, but that it can and must be fought daily by all of us, and that one of the best weapons can be the art and culture. In short, I come out of this adventure richer and please to have participated in it. Thank you!”

Testimony of Diana Lopes:

“It’s with great pride that I return home after participating in “Taking P-Art”. All the process for this Youth Exchange was challenging, given the uncertain times we live in. The program allowed us to understand how much the Gender Inequality is present and alive in a continent said to be so advanced like Europe. It was with shock and emotion that I heard some testimonies from other women. It was with my heart in my hands that I told my testimonies and acquaintances. I felt understood. Despite the language barriers, we all had felt that gender dispersion: man or woman. I am heart filled to see a movement to be formed, not only in Portugal but throughout Europe. I feel that this is the generation that will bring a better future, a more human future. And so I return… A bit saddened to know that this topic is still so rooted in society, but with hope for a better future, with courage and strength to realize it.”

Testimony of Vânia Martins:

“I can start by confirming that this Youth Exchange changed me positively in many aspects. It was, for me, a new experience that allowed me to learn and get to know other opinions about the topic of Gender Inequality. I also realized that art is a very important element in this field because it has become something representative of the evolution of women’s empowerment over time and that it can, and should, be used as a weapon in this battle for equality. Along with this, this was a week in which I was able to meet new people, interact with cultures from other countries, and visit the beautiful area of Asturias. And so I return home: grateful for having had this opportunity and happy to feel that Europe is making efforts to foster initiatives like this that promote the integration of the younger generation so that they become more active, prepared and informed.”

This project was financed by Erasmus+ Programme and respected all the security measures related to the new coronavirus.

José Vidal