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Adopt the will to act!

Adapting is not always easy but sometimes this effort brings its good surprises. We have postponed our “Cãominhada”, but the people behind the project didn’t give up!

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© Helder Berenguer

Our little dog-friends were devastated to know that they were not going to have their annual cute and playful meeting. Still, we committed ourselves to help them, to give them a voice and to represent them. Our team doesn’t like to break their word, so they moved on another front to fulfill their goal.

We challenged the academic community of University of Aveiro to help us donate food and other essential goods to our four-legged friends and the response was quite satisfactory. Together we were able to collect and deliver almost 350 kg of food and goods needed to AMA - Amigos do Abrigo Quintã do Loureiro.

As we have a team all pumped up to get into action and this didn’t seem like much, we decided to venture into the digital world with the 1st edition of “Cãoversas Live”. We joined Dr. Catarina Augusto, a veterinarian at the Veterinary Clinic Quinta da Amendoeira, in Castelo Branco, for a moment of online sharing of questions and answers about our pets, because for them only the best is due! And as the problem, unfortunately, is recurrent, the issue of animal abandonment has not been left out.

What would become of so many of us without the support and unconditional love of our little furry friends? These are living beings endowed with their own will, fears, desires and needs. Maybe their anatomy differs from ours but their “spirit”, not so much. They are not inferior beings, they’re our family and eternal companions, listeners of long speeches and who don’t mind licking our deepest wounds.

The promise remains that as soon as the “gates” open, you can count on an invasion of fluffiness on Passadiços de Aveiro because, more than ever, it will be necessary to “cãominhar”!

Thank you to everyone who joins our movement for change, whether with the smallest action or by sharing ours! We trust that change is possible.

“Projeto Au-Au” counted with the collaboration of Núcleo de Estudantes de Biologia. It also had the support of Aveiro’s City Hall and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P..

Liliana Macedo