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A City in Watercolors

City of beautiful waterways, traditions and unique stories. With “Postais de Aveiro” (Postcards of Aveiro), we give more color to the charms and corners of this city that we call “home”

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© Helder Berenguer

Every day, the valuable stories that once passed from generation to generation are lost. Conversations in cafés, in garden benches or idle chitchats fade in time. Memories that fall into oblivion and stories that remain to be told. 

With “Postais de Aveiro” (Postcards of Aveiro) we seek to perpetuate a piece of our cultural heritage - the postcard. The postcard represents a familiar tradition, well known by those who have been here the longest, and to be discovered by the youngest. A symbol for all those who travel and want to keep with them a part of the cities they have discovered.

The illustrations by Joana Braga, local artist, who once gave color to the tales of “Stories for Solidarity”, now give life to this collection of postcards. Each one unique and special, tells through watercolor the cultural heritage hidden in each street and in each waterway. This collection has nine paintings of iconic places such as Barra’s lighthouse, “Ponte dos Botirões” or “Salinas de Aveiro”. Anyone can buy these postcards at one of these local stores, Alma de Alecrim, Aqui à Volta and Zeca.

Besides being a souvenir from Aveiro, these postcards represent a contribution to the community. They are designed by a local artist, printed by our friends at Quero Imprimir, and sold in local stores. They are a bet on Agora Aveiro and our mission.

“Postais de Aveiro” (Postcards of Aveiro) is an action that is part of the project “I Love Aveiro”. It is made in collaboration with Alma de Alecrim, Aqui À Volta and Zeca. It has the support of Aveiro’s City Hall and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P..

Sérgio Domingues