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An Alarm Clock for your Dreams

We got our hands dirty, took the tools out of the cabinet and created the “Um Dia Quero…” (One Day I Want…) panel

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© Helder Berenguer

It’s 6 o’clock, if your alarm clock is trustable enough. You get up and start getting ready for a brand new day. Perhaps this morning you’ll be a teeny bit more audacious and you’ll help yourself with two slices of bread instead of one (we won’t judge you!). Voilà! you’re all set up for another day of work. Tomorrow another will come. And after that, another one, and another one... When was the last time you ran after a wish? A dream? That desire to go out, to run, to explore, to get to know, to taste, to dream, to feel and be better? What’s easier seems more and more comfortable. What’s challenging seems more and more daring and, well, “I already have what I need, what more should I be asking for?”

We, at Agora Aveiro, want to challenge the laws of physics and fight back the inertia that prevents us from dreaming, taking action, doing and making a difference! From setting new goals and accomplishing them. We want to surpass ourselves every day and look up to the skies, always aware of where the ground stands.

With that in mind, we seized our weapons (and normal tools for the less experienced) and the panel “Um Dia Quero…” was raised from the ground up. More than a panel, it’s an alarm clock for our dreams, objectives and challenges...A reminder that each and everyone of us is capable of being more, of doing more and of achieving more.

Maybe one day you’ll master a new skill or finish those projects you left in the drawer for such a long time… We invite you to pay a visit to our panel, at Casa Martelo, and leave your mark, your dream, your goal. Tell us, what are you seeking?

“Um Dia Quero…” is part of the “Guerrilla Division” project. It had the support of Casa Martelo, Câmara Municipal de Aveiro and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P.

Nuno Brízida