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Don’t Let your Ideas Dry!

There were found some lost deeds without a subject. We hanged them in plain sight to check if someone reclaimed them. Will you lend us a hand and accomplish them?

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© Helder Berenguer

Everyday is a good day for action, if it’s a good one, even better! But today in special, 11th April, it’s the perfect day to brush off the dust from your urge to make a difference! We celebrate the International Good Deeds Day, but here between us, this is just another excuse to shake up minds!

If you’re lacking creativity, we can help you! We’re not jealous, on the contrary, we believe that the change needs all of us, so we decided to leave some suggestions on how to act in your community. These ideas were kept in the drawer for a long time now, so we really had to put them in air dry in our clothesline.

You can start right off the bat by treating yourself well, since you’re a special piece in this equation. When was the last time you complimented yourself? Go ahead, no one’s listening! Now twist that laziness and go hang it. Great, now yes, it’s time to start to create a chain. We dare you to do a competition of good deeds with someone close. Believe me, your brain will reward you with a sophisticated array of the best hormones and neurotransmitters! Possible secondary effects may include a sense of well-being, inspiration, addiction and necessity to addict others.

After all, change doesn’t need to be drastic. Sometimes, a “simple” phone call may actually be the answer. You’ve already got everything you need, what are you waiting for? They’re 250 ideas waiting to come out of the paper to the action. Don’t let them dry!

The “Estendal das Boas Ações” (Good Deeds’ Clothesline) is part of the project “Underground Division” and it had the support of Aveiro City Hall and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Liliana Macedo