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Join the Solidarity Wave!

This spring, “Precisas? Então leva!” replaced the streets for schools, in search of new solidarity pupils

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© Helder Berenguer

What can we do for a world where solidarity isn’t the exception but the rule? We begin with the youngest.

In order to help the local solidarity institutions in their support of  the most vulnerable groups and to raise awareness among the young people to take a proactive attitude towards the problems of their community, Agora Aveiro released a new edition of “Precisas? Então leva!” (“Do you need it? Then take it!”). The challenge was launched to Agrupamento de Escolas de Aveiro that, with great pleasure and satisfaction, accepted to host in their schools our big red wardrobe, brand image of the project.

In 2019, 21.6% of the Portuguese population was at risk of poverty. The appearance of the new coronavirus has aggravated this situation. With increasing reports of families in need and people in homelessness situations, Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social (IPSS) have difficulties in responding to all requests for assistance. The project arises out of this need for support. In this “Solidarity Wardrobe”, the students, and their families, are invited to put essential goods, such as clothes and hygiene products. The goods collected will be given to IPSS of the region, Florinhas do Vouga  and Centro Social Paroquial da Vera Cruz, which, in turn, will take charge of delivering them to all those in need. 

The Wardrobe will pass through different schools in order to get more students involved in this wave of solidarity. It will stay at Escola Básica da Vera Cruz until the 16th April, from there it will go to EB João Afonso, where it will stay until the 30th of the same month. Finally, it will finish its trip, from 3rd to 14th May, at Escola Secundária Homem Cristo, where it will meet the older students. 

The motto is given, didn’t know where to leave it? Now it’s easy, accompany your little one with essential goods and show them the path of solidarity.

Precisas? Então leva!” is part of the project “Underground Division”. Its partners are Agrupamento de Escolas de Aveiro, Florinhas do Vouga, and Centro Social Paroquial da Vera Cruz. It has the support of City Hall of Aveiro, European Solidarity Corps, Programa Geração Z, and IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Inês Silva