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Dare to Refresh your Mind!

What hides behind a fridge door? On this World Book Day we challenged the rain and scattered around dozens of books throughout the cities that shelter our “Refresca a tua Mente!”

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© Helder Berenguer

A good book can reveal itself as a breath of fresh air in the lives of those who read it. Within its pages we can find comfort during a bad day, a company in a boring moment, an inspiration to change habits or new perspectives of what surrounds us. We find worlds filled with adventure, action and romance that amuse, distract and snuggle us.

Considering the importance of literature in everyone’s life, Agora Aveiro brought another edition of “Refresca a tua Mente” (Refresh your Mind). Living up to the project’s name, the volunteers gave a new life to damaged fridges, adapting them to act as booksharing spots. In these bookcrossing spots, anyone can take or leave their books.

Portugal’s reading habits are amongst the worst one in the European Union. Initiatives like this are essential to spark curiosity and promote what is such a simple habit, but at the same time so important, reading. Thus, created in 2018 with the objective to promote reading habits, the “Refresca a tua Mente” hasn’t stopped growing. This year the project counts with three fridges full of books in Oliveira de Azeméis, Águeda e Estarreja. But the project didn’t stop there.  In order to celebrate World Book Day, with a guerrilla campaign, Agora Aveiro decided to scatter some books throughout these localities. These were wrapped as to not reveal the mystery of its content and were collected by the inhabitants that gave them a new home and went out searching for these new worlds.

Do you want to know what is hiding behind the doors of our fridges? Do not hesitate to look for them and come refresh your mind!

The"Refresca a tua Mente" was made in partnership with the Ferreira de Castro Municipal Library, Manuel Alegre Municipal Library and Estarreja Municipal Library. It was sponsored by FNAC Aveiro as Golden Sponsor and Ror de Livros, Antiqualha and Aveirotel as Silver Sponsors. It also had the support of Aveiro City Hall and Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude I.P..

Liane Carvalho