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Why support Agora Aveiro?

At Agora Aveiro we create bridges and connections and bring together the potential of each of society's stakeholders. We strengthen synergies and collaborations between associations, educational and state institutions, foundations, companies and the commercial fabric around a common goal: the change. With this, we optimize resources and maximize the impact and reach of projects.

What are the benefits of supporting Agora Aveiro?

Agora Aveiro, due to the proximity and involvement of people in its projects, benefits from a unique relationship with the community. Thus, it becomes an excellent platform for companies wishing to develop a close relationship with the public.

Find out how your entity can benefit from a partnership with Agora Aveiro!

Experience and “know-how”

Connection of your entity to the values of a prestigious association with an impact on the community

Team building

Participation of your employees in team building activities with an important volunteer component

Differentiated marketing

Activation and increase the reach and awareness of your brand through personalized marketing actions

Tax benefits

Tax benefits under the Tax Benefits Statute (Subsection d, No. 3, Article 62)

Media partners

Diário de Aveiro

Commercial partners

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Alma de Alecrim
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Aqui à Volta
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Zeca Aveiro

Our partners

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de Águeda
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