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Small actions, big impacts

Plantar o Futuro is based on the idea that small actions can have a big impact and that if every one of us plants a tree, one day we will have a forest. We challenge the University of Aveiro’s students, teachers and staff to adopt a native tree, care for it and, finally, plant it and help raise a forest!

Organised by Agora Aveiro, in collaboration with the University of Aveiro’s Grupo para a Sustentabilidade and the Municipality of Estarreja, Plantar o Futuro represents a movement for the defence and growth of the native forest and its role in climate change mitigation, forest fire resilience and biodiversity conservation.


Years of history


Planted trees



How was the project born?

This project is the expansion of “Biologia a Plantar o Futuro”, an initiative born out of the determination of the University of Aveiro's biology students, back in 2014.

In 2018, the project becomes “Plantar o Futuro” and reaches the University of Aveiro’s entire academic community. In December of that year, the students, staff and teachers adopted oaks, hollies, alders, and other native trees, cared for them for 2 months, and, with the arrival of Spring, had the opportunity to plant them with the future in mind.

Through the project, thousands of trees have already been planted in Mata Nacional do Buçaco and the Municipalities of Albergaria-a-Velha, Lousada and Estarreja, also contributing to the awareness and education for the sustainability of hundreds of university students.

How do we plant the future?

May - June
1st phase
Where everything begins

We acquire small native trees from a certified local grower. We then transplant the trees into larger pots to allow them to grow and develop.

Avanca, Estarreja, Aveiro
June - October
2nd phase

The trees are watered and maintained by Municipality of Estarreja’s Technical Team, in their greenhouses, until the adoption phase.

Avanca, Estarreja, Aveiro
3rd phase

The moment to adopt your tree has arrived! We deliver the trees to the care of students, teachers and staff of University of Aveiro.

University of Aveiro, Aveiro
October - February
4th phase
Taking care of the trees

During this phase, the adopters take care of their small trees, always with the support of the project’s support team.

Your home
February - March
5th phase
Let’s plant the future

All adopters are called back into action to participate in the reforestation and invasive plant control actions.

Salreu, Estarreja, Aveiro
March - (...)
6th phase
Make it grow

After being planted, the trees are left in the care of the Municipality of Estarreja’s Technical Team to grow and create a forest.

Salreu, Estarreja, Aveiro

If each one of us plants a tree, one day we will have a forest

Know more about the native forest

Throughout the various editions of Plantar o Futuro, we have developed a set of guides with information on how to take care of our trees. These guides, made with the scientific support of the University of Aveiro’s Biology Department, contain information about the native species used in the project, as well as invasive species and the Portuguese Forest as a whole. Here you can access the various editions of this guide.

What we did

We have planted over 4000 native trees over the project's 6 years. On the map are the coordinates for the trees planted in BioRia, in Estarreja, during the 2019/2020 edition. Click the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plantar o Futuro is a project organised by Association Agora Aveiro for the defence and awareness of native forest and its value in mitigating climate changes, forest fire resilience and biodiversity conservation. It’s done in collaboration with the University of Aveiro and Municipality of Estarreja.

Plantar o Futuro is open to the whole academic community of University of Aveiro. Every student, teacher and staff member can participate.

You can participate in the project by adopting a native tree and caring for it until it is planted. All you need to do is pre-register on this form and, on the delivery day, present your student card, or equivalent document, to receive your tree.

The delivery will take place on October 20th, Wednesday. It will take place near the Rectory Central Building, between 10H00 and 17H00.

No, given the logistics involved in this kind of event, it is only possible for us to have one delivery moment. However, you can ask a friend to receive the tree for you, and he/she should provide your name (first and last), student number and e-mail address.

We implemented a set of measures and strategies to ensure the safety of everyone involved. To this purpose, a plan was created to guarantee the distance between all participants and minimise physical contact. The existence of a one-way delivery, hand disinfection upon entering the site and the use of personal protective equipment by the organisation and participants are some of the measures imposed.

Plantar o Futuro is a project for every student, teacher and staff of the University of Aveiro. To promote the participation of as many people as possible, each participant can adopt only one tree.

Yes, but we ask you to bring the tree you have from the last edition. It needs to be planted urgently.

No. The tree you adopt, along with all the others, has been carefully selected to fill in the gaps in the areas to be intervened and will help in the recovery of the native Portuguese forest. For this to happen, it needs to be properly planted in a suitable place and monitored to ensure its growth and development.

Don’t worry! To answer all your questions, we have created an e-book. Besides information about the water and light needs of your tree, it has a collection of facts about the Portuguese forest, ecological footprint and much more. If you have any questions, you can contact our team via email or our Facebook Page.

A tree can be sick due to a variety of factors, from fungi to problems with light and watering, among others. For this reason, our e-book has some tips to help you identify the problem. Also bear in mind that some of the trees are deciduous, so it is normal for them to be leafless at this time of year. If you still have doubts, you can contact our team via email or our Facebook Page.

Unfortunately, some trees may die. However, the vase and the substrate can be used, so delivery is always necessary. Contact our team via email or our Facebook Page to schedule the delivery.

The reforestation actions will take place in February and March 2022, in Estarreja. The exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.

These actions are done in collaboration with the Municipality of Estarreja’s technicians. On this day, you will learn how to plant a tree and you will have the opportunity to reforest an area of ecological importance. In addition to the planting, you’ll take part in an “interpretative visit” and learn more about the impact that your action will have on the ecosystem.

The reforestation actions will be open for everyone who registered in Plantar o Futuro, so all University of Aveiro’s students, teachers and staff who adopted a tree.

To participate in the reforestation actions you only need to make your registration using the form that will be released in due course. Pay attention to the email you gave upon your registration, as this is the email through which we will contact you with more information.

In this case, your tree will have to be delivered to our team. Prior to the reforestation actions we will be at the University of Aveiro, at a date and place to be announced, to collect the trees.

We will provide a bus for the transport of participants from the Rectory Central Building of the University of Aveiro to the planting site and from there back to the University.

The organisation will provide a bus to minimise the iniciative’s environmental impact. However, if you wish to use your own transport, we only ask you to arrive at the sire at the scheduled time and contact our team to register your presence and tree.

The reforestation actions are meant for those participating in Plantar o Futuro. Due to the limitation imposed by the number of seats on the bus, if you wish to bring a family member or friend, we ask you to use your own transport.

Cancellation or rescheduling can be done until 72 hours before the plantation. Only then can we make your seat available for another interested participant. In case of rescheduling for another plantation, this will depend on the available vacancies. For this reason we ask you to be sure of your availability when you register. Rescheduling or cancellation has to be done via email or our Facebook Page.

It is preferable that each participant delivers their own tree in order to facilitate registration. However, the most important thing is that all the trees are delivered and planted, so you can deliver your friend’s tree by giving your friend’s name (first and last) and student number or e-mail address.

Our partners

The project unites the efforts of various stakeholders in society, among associations, public entities and companies, to raise awareness about the importance of native forests. We instil in the participants a sense of social and environmental responsibility and encourage volunteering as a way to exercise active and participatory citizenship.
Do you want to be our partner? Contact us!



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Read the opinion of those who have already participated in this project!

Júlio Gonçalves

In a world with so many environmental problems and, more precisely, in a country where almost half of the territory is made up of eucalyptus and pine trees, projects like Plantar o Futuro allow us to restore our forest. I got to know this project in its first edition and with it I learned a lot about various trees in our region and its importance in our history. In addition, taking care of one is a task that incites responsibility and planting it is a rewarding experience.

Maria Bartolomeu

In the last edition of Plantar o Futuro, I chose an ash tree still very small and with few leaves. I took care of it, knowing that it would later be transplanted in a forest environment. Now, "my" ash tree will be bigger and, together with all the other trees, it is playing its role in the construction of an autochthonous forest and in the conservation of biodiversity.

João Ferrão

Few believe that it is possible to change the world, so that day, I woke up early and went to show that the change to a better world depends on each of us. I decided to “Plant the Future” with an alder. With a group of Agora Aveiro members predestined to help, picking up a hoe and digging the future makes this utopia easy and fun.

Inês Tocha

The opportunity to adopt a tree native to Portugal and to watch its development makes Plantar o Futuro an enriching project. I believe that reforestation and invasive control actions are the most instructive aspects of this initiative, due to the educational background acquired. The conviviality, the guided tour and the absence of costs make the project even more engaging.