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Do not wait for change, be part of it!

With us, turn ideas that mean something to you into reality. Ideas that transform that which surrounds you.

What do we do?

At Agora Aveiro, we support social causes, promote sustainability, fight social exclusion, promote art and culture, and intervene in the streets of our city.

We begin by identifying a problem in our community. Something over which we can join efforts and work.

Fields of Action

At Agora Aveiro, we see the world that surrounds us and we ask ourselves how we can make it better. What we can give to make the world better.

Sustainable Development

We raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity as a common good of inestimable value, as well as the promotion of education and environmental awareness, instilling in people the senses of social and environmental responsibility.

Inclusion and Social Awareness

We break down barriers, knock down walls and bring people closer. The path towards a fairer and more inclusive society does not come with the denial of its diversity, but from the acceptance that it's something that makes our community stronger.

Urban Intervention

Mixing audacity and creativity, we craft innovative and effective campaigns that break the everyday routine and go beyond the conventional. Actions for which the city is a canvas, that build bridges and connections with the community.

Culture, Art and Creativity

Aveiro has a rich ethnographic, cultural and artistic heritage. It also hosts one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in our country and the thousands of creative minds that graduate from it. We care, promote and spread the culture of our city.


TEDxAveiro is an event held at the district level by locals, but it has been affirmed nationally as a reference event. It's one of the most influential events promoting creativity and entrepreneurship at the national level. We want to share ideas that help us change the world for the better!

I Love Aveiro

“I Love Aveiro” aims to immortalize Aveiro's identity in a collection of stories while promoting the involvement of the community in the preservation of its cultural, historical and ethnographic heritage.

Plantar o Futuro

“Plantar o Futuro” is an integrated and interdisciplinary approach that aims to promote the sustainability of forest ecosystems while protecting the biodiversity of our country and its future. It integrates a component of environmental education in conjunction with practical activities that contribute, directly and indirectly, to the rehabilitation of the native forest.


“Aveiro+Verde” consists of a series of activities related to sustainability and the environment. It seeks to improve the senses of social and environmental responsibility and raise awareness about the importance of Nature. It includes street art, exhibitions, music performances, cycling tours, workshops, lectures and gatherings.

Café Suspenso

“Café Suspenso” is a project driven by the everyday kindness of small gestures that lead to big smiles. Created in 2016, it has a simple premise: Anyone can go to one of the participating establishments and pay for a “suspended coffee” or something more. Another person can later make use of that coffee, sandwich, cake or soup.

Dia da Saúde Mental

Sometimes, there's a tendency to underestimate mental health in the face of physical or other health problems, but mental and physical health are intertwined and impact each other. Every year we seek to promote physical, mental and social well-being.

Encontro de Gerações

“Encontro de Gerações” focuses on the importance of the interaction between older and younger people as a means to share experiences and knowledge. Calls attention to the contrast of realities between generations and promotes intergenerational solidarity.

Random Acts of Kindness

The “Random Acts of Kindness” are unpremeditated and random actions. Actions that promote social integration, community spirit, motivate people to help others and bring colour and joy to the daily life of the community.

Refresca a Tua Mente

“Refresca a Tua Mente” is split into activities that seek to combat segregation and isolation, develop a taste for reading, and even test the community's general knowledge and logic skills.